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    TWO GIRLS Maggie sat at the breakfast table eating a bowl of cold cereal, and she didn’t even hear her mother speaking because her thoughts were far away. “Sure mom,” she said, as she gave her a peck on the cheek and headed out the door to meet her best friend Kaye down at the corner
    My First Time Having Him in My Rear and Sucking His Frind at the Same Time
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    My First Time Having Him in My Rear and Sucking His Frind at the Same Time when i was 18 i gave a teen boy a blow job i loved it still do. When I was 19, me and my girl frinds from north high, we were at the beach sun bathing in our skimpy two piece bathing suits.
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    A DOM AND A FEM Rachel was bone tired as she lay in the hot bath she had just drawn. Her whole body ached from the pounding it had taken in this afternoon’s practice. Rachel was a starting forward on a women’s professional basketball team out of Chicago
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    THE MASTURBATER Mark had become an expert surreptitious masturbater, he could do it at the drop of a hat and not bat an eye when he blew a big load of cum in his short! It started when he was about fourteen years old when he found that if he went into the closet in his bedroom
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    THE SALESGIRL Kathy stood by the front door of Cox Shoe Store waiting for the last few customers of the day leave. It was almost five o’clock and she had a lot to do before Mark picked her up to go to the movies. As luck would have, however, at five to five another customer walked through the door.
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