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    BIG AND HARD FOR MONEY As long as Carl could remember his dick was bigger than anyone else’s. Even as a very young boy he could tell that the other boys were no match for him in the “meat” department. When he reached his early teens
      2 yıl Ago   2.200
    VICE COP Lou Tanner was a cop working the west side of Chicago. Now in all America there may be a more God forsaken piece of real estate, but as far as Lou was concerned this was the arm pit of the western world!
      2 yıl Ago   1.032
    WAR VICTIM It has been almost twenty five years since Doug Mitchell came home from Viet Nam, a war he never understood, but one in which fought, because his country called. Some of the things he saw sickened him, and to this day have made a lasting impression on him.
      2 yıl Ago   454
    EXPOSING IT Jeffery had a problem and he knew it. For as long as he could remember he had the almost uncontrollable urge to expose his penis to strangers, and it would be just a matter of time until he was caught and punished.
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    THE MAID Mary was depressed. Out of college for three months now and not one decent job offer. She was getting desperate!!! Her parents were on her back and she couldn’t blame them, underfoot all day and just generally in her mom’s way.
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